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Taxi Travel

Taxi service in Atlanta can be uneven. Drivers often lack correct change, so bring plenty of small bills. You can also charge your fare, as many accept credit cards. Drivers may be as befuddled as you are by the city's notoriously winding streets, so if your destination is somewhere other than a major hotel or popular sight, it might be best to direct the route from your phone.

In Atlanta taxi fares begin at $2.50, then add $2 for each additional mile. Additional passengers are $2 each, and there’s a $2 gas surcharge added to every trip. You generally need to call for a cab, as Atlanta is not a place where you can hail one on the street. Buckhead Safety Cab and Checker Cab offer 24-hour service. Uber and Lyft drivers are also available throughout the city.

Taxi Contacts

Buckhead Safety Cab. 404/875–3777;

Checker Cab. 404/351–1111;


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