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Czech Tourist Authority.

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Google. Google does currency conversion. Just type in the amount you want to convert and an explanation of how you want it converted (e.g., "14 Swiss francs in dollars"), and then voilà. also allows you to print out a handy table with the current day's conversion rates. is a good currency conversion website.


Transportation Security Administration.

Time Zones can help you figure out the correct time anywhere in the world.

Weather is an independent weather-forecasting service. is the website for the Weather Channel.

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CIA World Factbook. CIA World Factbook has profiles of every country in the world. It's a good source if you need some quick facts and figures.

Visitor Information

Prague City Tourism maintains three helpful information offices—the most useful, and most overcrowded, is in the former Town Hall building (just to the left of the clock tower) on Old Town Square. The office can advise on walking tours, as well as answer basic questions and arrange accommodations.

Before You Leave

Czech Tourist Authority.

In Prague

Eurolines. Prague, Praha. 224–218–680;

Prague City Tourism. Staroměstská radnice (Old Town Hall), Staré Mesto, Prague, Praha, 110 00.


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