Al-Bustan Restaurant


Copyright: Zakaria Zayane/Unsplash

Al-Bustan Restaurant

Al-Bustan Restaurant has a long history in Tabuk. Its menu includes both Arabic and International dishes, with Middle Eastern cuisine as the focal point. Al-Bustan is one of the finer establishments on the relatively limited restaurant scene of Tabuk.


Grains such as wheat or rice and meats (such as lamb) constitute the bulk of Saudi cuisine--pork is normally not served in the country, as its consumption is forbidden by Islam. Yoghurt is often used in local cooking, and dates constitute a dessert staple. There is a lot of variation within the province of Tabuk, with coastal cuisine being known especially for "Al-Sayyadiah"--a signature local fish and rice dish served with spices. Restaurants often feature separate seating areas for families and single diners.