Mount Zion

ThoUSAnds of years ago, Mount Zion lay within the compass of the city walls, protected in the west and south by the virtually unassailable slopes of the Hinnom Valley. No more. The 16th-century Turkish wall slashes across Mount Zion, leaving it outside the Old City, connected to it by the narrow Zion Gate. The faiths that call JerUSAlem holy cross paths on this hilltop. For Judaism—and, by extension, Islam—this is where King David was buried 30 centuries ago: his supposed tomb is venerated to this day. Christianity identifies the area with key scriptural events, and churches, monasteries, institutions, and graveyards are visible landmarks. There are few must-see sites here; but if you enjoy less compulsive sightseeing, Mount Zion is worth an hour or two of your time.


Hinnom Valley

A few minutes from the Jaffa Gate is the deep Hinnom Valley, which offers some fine views of Mount Zion…

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Chamber of the Holocaust

This small museum is dedicated to the memory of the 6 million European Jews annihilated by the Nazis in the…

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Tomb of David

According to the Hebrew Bible, King David, the great Israelite king of the 10th century BC, was buried in "the…

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