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Seamlessly fusing the old and the new, Belgium stays in tune with the times while not letting go of its Medieval poise. Hip cafes and design boutiques mingle with UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the cities (most notably in the iconic Bruges, once world’s most important commercial hub), the North Sea offers up attractive sandy beaches, while the country’s south remains idyllically rural. Beer flows ceaselessly here, paired with the Belgian national dish “moules-frites” (mussels and fries), followed by a dessert of celebrated Belgian chocolates.
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Whatever you are looking for in a city, can be found in Leuven. A university city with a small-town feel, but completely in pace with a rapidly changing society. Leuven is situated right in the centre of Belgium. Its easy accessibility is an advantage. But there are many more good reasons to visit the "Jewel of the River Dyle". You will soon find out: this city will never let you go.
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‘Mechelaars’ talk about their city with great pride and warmth. Visitors are struck by the genial atmosphere as they stroll past monuments redolent with age and pause in courtyards and historic churches. The Mechelaar is proud of Gouden Carolus, the award-winning beer brewed here for centuries. He is proud of Margaret, who put 16th-century Mechelen on the world map. And he has a soft spot for craftsmanship and authentic local products. Come to Mechelen and experience its charms for yourself!
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Antwerp, a busy pocket-sized metropolis, has something for everyone. The city is an inspiring source of culture thanks to its impressive architecture and magnificent museums and churches. Fashionistas can explore the stores of Antwerp’s designers, whose stylish creations are revered all over the world. Foodies and people with a passion for life in general will enjoy the warm welcome of Antwerp’s cafés and restaurants. A visit to Antwerp should definitely include the iconic museum MAS, the Cathedral of Our Lady and the Rubens House.
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Brussels, a city that continues to surprise and move you. This city-region capital of 500 million Europeans is waiting to share its treasures with you. It’s a fair bet that its stormy history is the reason for its open-mindedness, warmth and friendliness. You’ll feel right at home in Brussels. As well as its historic monuments, Brussels has so much to share with you: its comic strip speech bubbles, its Art Nouveau façades, the talent of its stylists and designers, its delicacies and its surrealism, which can be found on every street corner.
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Places that stir all your senses and that pluck your heartstrings are extremely rare. These are the places that touch you deeply, yet whose secrets you can’t unlock completely. Bruges happens to be such a unique place. Cultural and artistic, cosmopolitan, unashamedly Burgundian, mysteriously medieval, and a Unesco World Heritage site to boot. Strolling along the narrow alleys, picturesque canals and verdant ramparts you cannot help but fall hopelessly in love with its elegant mysteriousness.
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Ghent is a compact, authentic city where the past and present co-exist in perfect balance. Walking through the city is like travelling through time: you turn the corner and just like that, you go from the fourteenth century to the twenty-first. In Ghent pounds the young heart of a cultural city filled with music, theatre, film and visual arts. Because of its central location in Flanders, Ghent is an ideal operating base to visit the Flemish Art Cities. Ghent is ready to welcome you with open arms!